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Relationship-driven sales.
Powered by AI.
All in one place.

Sales Hub

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List of SalesDesk's features
What is SalesDesk?

Sales Tech Stack reimagined

Everything your sales team needs in one place. A proactive platform that is simple, supports your workflow, and reduces the costs of maintaining your sales tech stack.

Personalised communication in one place

Spend less time managing tools, integrations and onboarding—and more time nurturing buyer relationships.

Sentiment insights

with AI-powered sentiment analysis and smart analytics for every engagement.

Media and document management

Create and manage assets connected to your opportunities. Track customer interactions and identify which activities are the most effective.

Reporting and visibility into the sales pipeline

Access reliable information about your team’s progress, insights about opportunities, and pipeline health. Control progress towards your goals and get reliable projections.

Tools and integrations

All in one place.
No information silos.
Drastic cost reduction.

SalesDesk provides built-in solutions for communication and integrates with the tools most important to your workflow.

Built-in solutions

All the tools essential to your workflow in one place.

Instant messaging

Keep in touch with your customers and analyse those interactions

Real-time video conferencing

with audio transcription and sentiment analysis.

Video messaging

with audio transcription and sentiment analysis.


Keep track of your relationships with the customisable data model.

Media and document management

Create, store, manage, and track activity for all digital assets related to your opportunities.


Set up meetings, send reminders, and sync your calendars.

Integration with

WhatsApp logo

Whatsapp. Automatically sync your conversations and analyse the messages.

HubSpot logo

HubSpot. Transfer all of your data off the platform and make it work for you.

Slack logo

Slack. Track your conversations with customers and set up notifications

Salesforce logo

Salesforce. Extract your data and stop relying on the platform as the backbone of your workflow.

Who is SalesDesk for?

Built to
empower Sales

One place where sales teams, leaders and their customers communicate, gather data and build relationships.

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Sales Professionals

  • Access all your activity, data, and context about customer relationships

  • Use integrated video conferencing, messaging and, scheduling to communicate with your customers

  • Create video messages for collaboration and personalised outreach

  • Access AI-driven insights from text, video, voice, and chat to improve your results

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Sales Leaders (CRO)

  • Get clarity about your team’s progress toward goals. Access trends and good practices

  • Access instant reliable insights about the pipeline health and projections

  • Maintain information about all the relationships, even after one of your teammates leaves. No more tribal knowledge about opportunities

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Your Customers

  • Offer your customers and prospects an easy-to-use secure portal accessible via a single URL that gives them access to all the information and data they need

  • Build trust and avoid contractual disagreements with this single source of truth

Why SalesDesk?

Enjoy the advantages of a unified Sales Hub

One platform means easy setup, faster onboarding and no additional subscription costs


Your tools, assets and data are now in one place. Ready to analyse and work with. No more context switching and losing information.

Single source of truth

You and your customers can find all the information in one place without disagreements and errors.


Optimised to reduce the cost of your Sales Tech Stack by avoiding multiple subscriptions, training, and setup consulting fees.

Maximise your ROI

Make the most of your time and money spent on setting up sales processes, as well as creating and analysing data.


Adapt the data model across your sales workflow, customising your account management, product inventory, sales opportunities, and prospect data.

Quick onboarding

You can start working instantly and focus on selling. We’ve created software easy-to-use for everyone without training.

Easy to set up

It’s a turn-key solution that your team can set up without external help. No need for expensive consulting and engineering.

Global view of your sales team

Get real-time access to your sales team’s performance trends, projections, and areas of opportunity.

Advanced collaboration

Experience a real-time, two-way communication platform for you and your customers.

Sales strategies

We support you at every stage

Build and maintain relationships in one place

Landing new accounts

  • Work strategically on new opportunities and track your results

  • Collaborate and engage with your prospects

  • Build trust and confidence

Upsell (land & expand)

  • Work strategically on new opportunities and track your results

  • Collaborate and engage with your prospects

  • Build trust and confidence

Contract renewals

  • Monitor existing customer accounts

  • Pre-empt potential issues before they materialise

  • Secure recurring revenue

Use data to its full potential

Context-driven selling

We gather data points about all your interactions and derive actionable insights so that you and your team can be more successful

List of SalesDesk's features that support context-driven selling

Gather data

  • Record and transcript your calls with our built-in solution

  • Track your interactions and engagement for every opportunity

  • Analyse how your prospects and customers interact with documents and assets you send them


Get AI-based insights

  • Our advanced AI-solution performs sentiment analysis and scans transcripts for keywords to provide you with relationship and progress

  • We analyse your progress, relationship temperature and engagement for every opportunity


Improve your results

  • Compare trends with past won opportunities and adjust to get on track

  • Share best practices with your team to coach them and improve their results

Adjusted to your workflow

Selling is about relationships

Building personal connections is fundamental for high-value sales. Salespeople need to deeply understand their customer needs to tailor the offer.

Build trust with personalised communication

Adjust tools, messages, and sequences to your customer needs and preferences.

Interact with your customers in modern ways. Benefit from the more advanced, unique ways of targeting customers in which they are more likely to respond.

Track your interactions and engagement for every opportunity

Supporting the distributed world

Digitising the process of high-value selling to make it scalable, efficient and sustainable.

Location-agnostic and optimised for hybrid selling across geographically dispersed teams

Helps build strong connections when face-to-face interactions with prospects are not always possible

A single URL for your customers

Secure customer portal
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  • Single source of truth and relationship database for you and your customers under a single link

  • Enjoyable to use tool that supports both parties - the seller and the buyer

  • No more misunderstandings, errors and contractual disagreements

SalesDesk for Leaders

Understand and react

Organising the world of buying and selling to support the success for your team

Real-time visibility into the pipeline with advanced reporting

  • Gain a high-level perspective on your global sales team based on the comprehensive data harvested from all your opportunities.

  • Intelligently track and report on the progress of your accounts, opportunities and contacts.

  • Make informed decisions about the sales pipeline based on dependable insights regarding the status and the forecasts.

Build a dependable knowledge base for your team

  • Ensure that all important relationships, prospects, and clients are documented and maintained even in the event of a team member's departure.

  • Empower your team with robust documentation that they can rely on for training and support.

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List of SalesDesk's benefits